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The role of youth in peace process

YAN organized an interaction program entitled “The role of youth on peace process” on 17th May, 2013 at TJRC hall. The program was facilitated by Gita Chaudhary, member of YAN. There was participation of 42 youths. The resource person was Mr. Rajendra Mulmi, country director of search for common ground. Mr. Mulmi stated that youth are taking a central role in bringing changes throughout the world. He argued that youth are and can be agents of peace and advocates of change and asserted that traditional images of youth in war and violence have to be changed. "Youth need the basic human needs of ‘security, identity, recognition’ and space for development. When young people are not able to obtain these necessities, they are more likely to turn to violence." said Mr. Mulmi.He concluded his presentation asserting that since young people of today will be the leaders,facilitators and stakeholders of the future; it is pertinent to engage them in the peace process, peace building and shaping their political attitudes and skills. The program was enthusiastic and interactive, which lasted for about two hours.