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The situation of human rights and responsibility of civil society

An interaction program entitled “The situation of human rights and responsibility of civil society” was organized by YAN on 24th March, 2013. There was participation of about 50 along with human right activists and youth leaders. The program was facilitated by Mr. Sanjay Khadka, General Secretary of YAN. The resource person was Mr. Bhawani Kharel,renowned human right activists. Mr. Kharel briefly highlighted the historical development of Human Rights in Nepal. Stating the miserable condition of victims in Nepal, he highly focused on the importance of truth and reconciliation commission. ‘Civil society should and could play vital role in pressuring the state for the protection and promotion of human rights. But it is unfortunate to say that civil society members and human right activists are steered by political parties and donor agencies’, said Kharel. He concluded his remarks by focusing on the unity of all civil society working together for making human rights situation better. It was delightful to see participants putting forward their valuable suggestion, comments and queries. The program was very interactive and held up for two hours.