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Youth in Discourse: Social Movement and Sustainable Development

Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) organized a youth discourse on the topic Social Movement and Sustainable Development Goal on 7 July 2017 at Sungabha Foodland, Baluwatar. The resource person of the program was Mr. Kalyan Bhakta Mathema. The objective of the program was to enhance the knowledge of youths in the issue of Social Movement in relation to Sustainable Development. The program was facilitated by Mr. Narendra Khatiwada, President of Youth Advocacy Nepal. Mr. Khatiwada highlighted the welcomed all the participants and after the short introduction of the participants the program started with the paper presentation by the resource person of the program Mr. Kalyan Bhakta Mathema.

During the presentation he firstly described about sustainable development goals. He said in 2015, the government from different countries around the globe came together for United Nations summit on sustainable development goals. He again said that SDGs have allowed more space and greater role for the private sector than the MDGs and the human rights aspect of development and reduction of poverty. During the presentation he also discussed how the poverty is caused by neoliberalism. He next discussed about how neoliberalism contradicts SDG. He said that the UN Sustainable Development Goal is base on the logic that next 15 years poverty can be eliminated.He again in the presentation said that some economists even argue that the neoliberal policies are the biggest cause of poverty in 20th century. SDGs can drastically reduce poverty only if they try to change the global economic liberal system so that it is more fair.


Resource person Mr. Mathema next in the presentation discussed what the social movement is? He said Social Movements are not just any form of group activities. He said they are sustained, organized and purposeful activities that seek to bring change in society and redistribute wealth, status and power according to what those in the movement believe to be through a fair and healthy mechanism. He have pointed Sustained effort, Informal social networks, Intentional, Foster or retard, Non-institutional are the five major characteristics of social movement. Mr. Mathema further discussed about the mechanism to have access to resource for social movements.

After the presentation by the resource person Mr. Mahendra Thapa, President of National Disable Youth Network (NDYN) shared his understanding on the issue. Dr. Uddhab Pyakurel in the program commented on the paper presented by the resource person Mr. Mathema. He appreciated his in depth information but discussed the presentation was less likely concern about the relation of social movement and SDG. After the comments and suggestions by  Dr. Pyakurel floor was opened for the participants for their queries, comments and suggestions.


At the end of the program Mr. Narendra Khatiwada expressed his heartfelt thanks to the resource person Mr. Kalyan Bhakta Mathema and the commentator Dr. Uddhab Pyakurel and also thanked all the participants for their valuable presence at the program.