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Commemoration of International Youth Day 2017


Posted at: August.28

In order to raise the youth ...

Gender Equity and Sustainable development


Posted at: July.24

Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) organized a ...

Our Programs

Anti-Street Harassment Campaign

In order to reduce the gender-based violence and sexual harassment in the street, YAN organizes Anti-Street Harassment Campaign. Under this campaign, various programs including photo action, video screening, rally, publication, research demonstration, side walk chalking, tweetathon, workshops are performed.

Female Youth Leadership Camp

In order to empower the female youth on concept of gender, GESI, leadership skills and advocacy strategies, YAN organizes a three days residential "Female Youth Leadership Camp" in Kathmandu. For this program, 25-30 young participants from various backgrounds are selected and experts ...

Youth Dialogue Series

 In order to create an open platform and empower youth on various contemporary issues including youth policy, plan and programs, Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN), since its establishment, has been fortnightly organizing a youth dialogue series. As of this date, YAN has already conducted ...

Youth Democracy Camp (YDC)

In order to empower the young people on human rights, democracy, peace and youth rights, YAN conducts a five days of residential Youth Democracy Camp in National and provincial levels. For this program, 25-30 young participants from various backgrounds are selected and experts are ...

Nepal Youth Journal (NYJ)

In order to generate the knowledge related youth issues, YAN publishes the Nepal Youth Journal incorporating the academic articles and other publications including youth dialogues. In 2016, YAN published a journal on " Youth and Education" and Youth and Entreprneruship in 2017. 


Day's celebration

In order to raise the raise the issues, YAN in partnership with various like-minded organizations commemorates the various days including International Youth Day, Human Rights Day, One Billion Rising, Women Rights Day, Sixteen Days activisms against Gender- based violence.

Youth entrepreneurship Camp

In order to empower the young people on concept of entrepreneurship, generating the business ideas, developing the business plan and understanding the policies and programs of government of Nepal related youth entrepreneurship, YAN conduct a five days residential "Youth Entrepreneurship Camp" in ...

Youth advocacy and leadership program (YALP)

  YAN organizes a three days residential Youth Advocacy and Leadership Program (YALP) in Kathmandu valley. The goal of the program is to enhance the knowledge and skills of youth on advocacy strategies and leadership development. Before conducting the program, a resource manual incorporating ...

Earthquake response program

 YAN in partnership with National Youth Alliance for Reconstruction (NYAR) has been contributing in recovery and reconstruction process. In the initial phase, YAN focused its activities in relief distribution, psycho social counseling, debris clearance, temporary learning centers and shelters and among others. In ...

Female Youth entrepreneurship Camp (FYEP)

 In order to promote the entrepreneurship among the female youth, YAN organizes a five days residential a “Female Youth Entrepreneurship Camp” in Kathmandu valley. In this camp, in the first three days, six successful female entrepreneurs (2 entrepreneurs each day) ...