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Commemoration of International Youth Day 2017


Posted at: August.28

In order to raise the youth ...

Gender Equity and Sustainable development


Posted at: July.24

Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) organized a ...

Our Programs

National Youth Conference

Once a year, YAN organizes a “National Youth Conference (NYC)” in Kathmandu valley. The goal of the NYC is to deepen the understanding and perspectives of youth on various thematic issues related to them so that they can play role of catalyst ...

Youth civil society strengthening

 YAN supports to youth civil society movement in Nepal, organizing various programs like Sit-in, rally, youth demonstration, press release, memorandum handover, consultative meetings, March etc.   The goal of the program is to strengthen the Joint Youth Civil Society Forum (JYCSF) and ...

Formation of Youth civil society Forum

 YAN facilitates to establish “Youth civil Society Forum” in various districts of Nepal. The goal of establishing youth network in district level is to encourage to local youths for monitor the process and activities of district youth committee and ...

Advocacy workshop/ Interaction on Youth policy, Youth vision and National Youth council

 Throughout the year, YAN organizes various programs including workshops, interaction and training on National Youth Policy 2017, Youth vision 2025 and National Youth council.  The goal of the program is to support concerned agencies (Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), National Youth council and ...

Youth College Workshop

In order to YAN organizes Youth College Workshop. The core objective of the program is to enhance the knowledge, ideas and perspectives of youth studying in college/ universities on National Youth policy 2017 (NYP), Youth vision 2025 and National Youth council. In the workshop, subject expert ...

Election Monitoring

In order to make the election free, fair and impartial, YAN monitors the election. For it, youths are mobilized in various constituency of election throughout Nepal. Before mobilizing them in the field, they will be trained about how to monitor the situation of pre-election, ...

Voter education program

 In order to educate general public about importance and process of voting, YAN will organizes various programs like workshops, interactions etc.

Youth online portal

 YAN plans to  develop “ Youth online portal” where young people can find the all the youth policies, programs, plans, strategies adopted by ministry of youth and sports, National Youth councils and other line ministries. The goal of the portal is ...

Youth FM & TV program

YAN plans to conduct Youth FM and TV program. The objectives of airing and broadcasting the program through FM and TV program are to create awareness about youth issues and sensitize concerned agencies in addressing the youth issues.