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Broccoli Plantation at Bhaktapur

A team of YAN visited to farm of Broccoli on 22 February 2018 at Bhaktapur. The farming was initiated by Sanjaya Byanzoo and Sapana Twayana jointly in the small area, who were the participants of Youth Entrepreneurship Camp organized by YAN on November 2017 at Kotdanda, Lalitpur. Byanzoo and Twayana said that they have initiated this enterprise, being motivated from the camp. In addition to it, they both opined that they were planning to extend the farming of Broccoli in the larger areas in the days to come. Meanwhile, Naren Khatiwada, Chairperson of YAN, congratulated them for initiating such a livelihood initiative and committed to support in terms of linking them to various concerned agencies of Government of Nepal.