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Dialogue on Social Media & Geopolitics


Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) organized a Youth dialogue on Social Media and Nepal's geopolitics" on 30 Septmber 2016 from 2 -4 PM at YAN's office. Resource person of the program was Mr. Yuvaraj Acharya, senior Journalist. There was the participation of 20 youth. 

The program was facilitated by Mr. Narendra Khatiwada; president of Youth Advocacy Nepal. Mr. Acharya  clarified that he was M.Phil. Scholar and the topic on the discussion was one of the chapters of his thesis. 

Geo-politics in general is the analysis of the geographical influences on power relationships in international relation. Resource person Mr. Yuvaraj Acharya explained that geo-politics is the reality and mentality of all the people. He again informed that it is mostly concerned with psychology. According to Mr. Acharya state behaves like living beings and national psychology is directly linked with geo-politics.   

Geographical location, size, culture and religion, economic strengths and weaknesses, and natural resources are the major determining factors in defining the geopolitics of Nepal. These are the factors in formulating the geo-strategy for survival and development of the country. Geo-politics in general understanding is the effect of geography in the politics; which is mostly used in state’s investigation in making report.


Resource person Mr. Acharya also explained that Nepal has been traditionally a buffer zone between the two big neighbours- India and China. According to him, Hulaki Highway (Postman Highway) is one of the concepts of India. Which start from east link points of Chriyobhanjyang of Sikkim to Jhulaghat of Baitadi. He further informed that America proposed to make road to Tibet observing Hulaki Highway.


Resource person Mr. Yuvraj Acharya further argued that geopolitics is based on heartland theory and rim land theory. These geopolitical theories argued that political power depend on geography.  Mr. Acharya again informed that none of the politics, academia, bureaucracy or the media can control the concept of geopolitics. He said that media is a mental model and can control the mass And power exerciser are trying to control Nepal’s geopolitics.


The discussion program was followed by the queries of participants and the program was concluded thanking resource person Mr. Yuvraj Acharya by Mr. Narendra Khatiwada, President of Youth Advocacy Nepal.