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Kiwi Cultivation


A team of YAN participated in Kiwi, a high value fruit with an immense market, plantation program on 5th January 2018 in Kirtipur. The plantation was initiated by Vidhya Bista, one of the participants of Youth Entrepreneurship Camp organized by YAN in 2018 at Kotdanda, lalipur. In the plantation program, Vidhya said, “I initiated this Kiwi Cultivation by motivating through the Camp”. Similarly, Mr. Naren Khatiwada, chairperson of YAN, congratulated her enterprise and committed to support her in various ways in the days to come. Meanwhile, Mr. Tara Bahadur Syangtan, one of the trainers of the camp and the entrepreneur of Kiwi business also wished her enterprise and committed to her technically in promoting the Kiwi plantation.