Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) is a youth-led social organization founded in 2013 by a group of passionate and socially conscious young individuals. The organization is officially registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC). YAN operates primarily with a rights-based approach, aiming to design and implement programs that respect, protect, and fulfill the human rights of young people and other marginalized and vulnerable communities.
The organization’s primary focus lies in promoting democracy and human rights, advocating for the rights of youths and marginalized communities. To achieve its goals, YAN engages in advocacy and awareness-raising efforts, works on building the capacity of individuals and communities, fosters partnerships and coordination with relevant stakeholders, and conducts research and studies to inform its initiatives.
YAN’s work spans across different areas of importance. The organization is committed to addressing issues related to education, aiming to improve access and quality of education for young people. Moreover, YAN actively advocates for gender equality and social inclusion, striving to create a more just and equitable society. Additionally, the organization dedicates efforts towards climate justice, recognizing the significance of environmental sustainability and the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.
Through its multifaceted approach and focus on human rights, YAN seeks to empower youths and marginalized communities, fostering positive change and contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.

• Advocate for Human rights of youth and marginalized community, demanding the participatory democracy,
• Promote equitable, inclusive quality public education and lifelong learning opportunities,
• Advocate for climate justice and environmental sustainability


Advocacy and Awareness-Raising:
YAN engages in advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns to promote the rights of young people and marginalized communities. The organization amplifies their voices and influences policies and decision-makers to address social issues effectively.

Capacity Building:
YAN empowers young people and communities through capacity building initiatives. It provides training, knowledge, skills, and resources to enable active participation in societal development and governance.

Collaboration and Partnerships:
YAN fosters collaborations and partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, and other stakeholders. By working together, it aims to enhance the impact of their initiatives and collectively address social challenges.

Research and Studies:
YAN conducts research and studies on pertinent social issues. By gathering evidence and data, they inform evidence-based programs and policies, contributing to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by youths and marginalized communities.


A] Democracy and Human rights
Democracy and human rights are crucial pillars of a just and inclusive society, yet numerous challenges persist that require rectification. In Nepal, issues related to participatory democracy and human rights demand attention. Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) takes a proactive stance by adopting various approaches to address these concerns effectively.

B] Public Education and lifelong learning
Public education and lifelong learning are essential for a just society. In Nepal, Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) plays a crucial role in strengthening public education. Through advocacy, awareness-raising, capacity building, networking, research, and study, YAN engages youths to address issues like lack of access to quality education, low public investment, bad governance, dropouts, and traditional teaching methods. By empowering the youth, YAN aims to create positive changes, ensuring equitable access to education, and fostering a culture of lifelong learning, contributing to a more inclusive and progressive Nepal.

C] Climate Justice and Environmental sustainability
In Nepal, climate justice and environmental sustainability issues are being addressed by Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) through diverse approaches. Advocacy, awareness raising, capacity development, networking, and knowledge generation are used to engage youths from different backgrounds in tackling these challenges.


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